Plenty Heirloom Farms

Orders open NOW for our next baking day - Friday, November 7th

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pick up bread any time?

Our bread is a ONCE PER MONTH specialty item! Our main focus at Plenty Farms is growing local organic food for the community, but we DO love sharing our artisan bread.  Mark your calendar for the 2nd Friday of each month, and make sure to pre-order sometime before then!

When can I order bread?

You can place a pre-order bread any time up until the Thursday before baking day (2nd Friday of each month) at 2pm.  All pre-orders will be delivered to Loveland Aleworks  at 118 W 4th St, Loveland, CO 80537 at 4:30, 2nd Friday of each month - for Downtown Loveland's 'Night on the Town'.

Today is Friday, and I forgot to order!

Come down to Loveland Aleworks between 4:30 and 7pm and take a peek at our extras.  We usually sell out of extra loaves quickly, but it's worth a try if you get there early!

Where is your bread baking location?

We operate within Colorado's cottage food industry, which means we bake from our homestead, a few blocks from Downtown Loveland. We deliver fresh bread once per month to Loveland Aleworks on 4th street.

Do you offer gluten-free bread?

We do not. However, we started baking sourdough because of food sensitivities in our family. The traditional process we use (slow fermentation) allows time for the culture to consume the sugars in the flour and is essentially pre-digesting much of the gluten before it bakes. Many gluten-sensitive people report no problems after eating our bread! 

What do you put in your bread?

We use the highest quality, organic ingredients as possible.  All of our whole grains are freshly ground by Sarah and her daughters the night before baking day.  Our slow, traditional fermentation process creates the an amazing flavor and easier digestibility.  All herbs are picked fresh from our gardens (if seasonally possible).